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Armidale loves tennis

  • Armidale's Tennis Courts are all located within 10 minutes of each other with Armidale Tennis Club boasting 16 courts
  • Sherriff's Tennis Academy is based at the Armidale School (TAS) and offers a wide range of tennis programs
  • Hosted: Northern University Games 2011 Academy Games - 2009 - 2011
  • With the coaches and many different types of courts, Armidale is the ideal place to train

Sport in Armidale

There are plenty of reasons to choose Australia's highest city for your next camp or event; premium facilities, great climate, altitude training and an active sports community with a high level of expertise and experience. Armidale is regularly chosen to host regional, state and national sporting events. In 2010 this included fifty five major sporting events and around one hundred and twenty other sporting events.

Armidale boasts the most tennis facilities in country NSW

Justin Sheriff, Sheriff Tennis Academy