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Why Armidale?

Armidale loves sport. There are plenty of reasons to choose Australia's highest city for your next camp or event; premium facilities, great climate, altitude training and an active sports community with a high level expertise and experience.

For a city with a population of approximately 26,000 Armidale's list of facilities is particularly impressive. Eight turf cricket ovals, a state of the art indoor arena, twenty two outdoor bitumen and grass net ball courts, fifty all weather tennis courts, a 50 metre Olympic pool plus a warm down 50 metre pool, hectares of playing fields and a state of the art indoor gymnastics centre. These facilities are maintained to a high standard with a progressive policy of development as witnessed by the recent addition of lights to the main sporting field - lights that are a standard to allow International day / night cricket matches.

As a result of theses facilities Armidale is regularly chosen to host regional, state and national sporting events. In 2010 this included fifty five major sporting events and around one hundred and twenty other sporting events.

The local schools, in particular The Armidale School, Presbyterian Ladies College and the New England Girls School, also have some outstanding facilities, generously made available to the wider community. In addition the University of New England offers a spectacular range of sporting facilities. It is this combination of University, schools and city facilities which resulted in Armidale being the host city for the 2011 Northern Region University Games.

Sport at the University of New England

The University of New England (UNE) is home to one of the finest university sporting precincts in Australia, playing an important role in the social and cultural life of UNE, Armidale and the New England Region. SportUNE has an extensive range of first-rate facilities, including fifteen hectares of playing fields close to amenities, two multipurpose halls, a state-of-the-art weight and cardio gym, an indoor 25-metre heated pool, a climbing wall, and squash, badminton and tennis courts. The Bellevue Sports Grandstand has a 400-seat stand and comprises a function room, change rooms, and first-aid and officials' rooms. SportUNE is also the home of the Hockey New England complex, which includes two synthetic hockey fields.

SportUNE offers a wide range of services which include group fitness classes, health and wellbeing programs, a healthy eating cafè, a crèche, personal trainers, and access to more than twenty sporting clubs from a variety of different sports. Enjoy the 'Olympic Village' experience by hosting a sporting camp at UNE and using the on-site accommodation available at one of UNE's seven residential colleges.

We invite you to play, train and compete in Australia's highest city.

All athletes in Armidale have free use of our altitude chamber, permanently set between 900 and 1200 metres ;-)